Student Groups Abroad

Student Groups abroad are most often a non-credit bearing volunteer or service learning experience but could also include participation in conferences or competitions. These opportunities are under the direction of a Texas A&M student organization and designed for a group to travel together, complete a specific project or academic outcome, or pursue an activity related to the group's mission or purpose.

Faculty, staff, or student leaders interested in coordinating a student group trip abroad must register the experience with Education Abroad in accordance with Standard Administrative Procedure 21.01.03.M0.02.

Education Abroad primarily provides health and safety resources, risk management and emergency information, and support for student group trips. There is a $100 Education Abroad Administrative fee per student participant to cover the costs of administrative support. The cost of the CISI international health insurance coverage per partiicipant will be invoiced to the student organization separate from the administrative fee.  

Student leaders should also reference the following resources:

Taking Your Student Organization Abroad

To register a student group abroad, visit the Student Group Abroad Registration page.