Pascale Parker

Pascale Parker

Interim Director

Phone: 979-845-0544


Pavilion 112

She / Her / Hers

International Business and Languages, France

Campus Liaison Relationships:
All Colleges and Departments
Academic Affairs Business Services

Duties and Functions:
International Faculty-initiated Programs: Faculty-led and Field Trips
Study Abroad Courses and Certification
Program Budgets and Finances
Risk Assessment and Compliance

Countries I Have Visited:
Europe (native of France); Caribbean Islands; Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay; South Africa; Qatar; Turkey

Short Bio:
Taught English, Spanish, and French from elementary to college levels (Wake Forest University, Vanderbilt University, West Virginia University). Managed international programs for U.S. institutions. Managed the World Bank and University of Florida Utility Regulation Programs. Translator, interpreter, and Voice (French/English). Member of the Texas A&M Education Abroad leadership since 2007.