Education Abroad Fair


Oct 01, 2019 - 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM


MSC 2300 (Bethancourt Ballroom)

Education Abroad is hosts an annual Education Abroad Fair, which showcases the many opportunities for students to participate in a high-impact, transformational, international experience.

The Education Abroad Fair will display the hundreds of faculty-led, exchange, affiliate provider, internship, and volunteer programs available during the upcoming Winter Break 2019-2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 terms. Support offices such as Scholarships and Financial Aid and Student Health Services will provide additional resources to equip you for an international experience. 

Attendees will also be able to vote in the Education Abroad Photo Contest and pizza will be provided!

Refer to the below lists to see faculty-led programs, affiliate providers, and campus offices that may be at the fair. This will be list will be updated after official invitations are sent out and table reservations are final. Please contact Education Abroad for more information.

Barbados Architectural Heritage
Barcelona Global Health
Belgium Biomedical Engineering
Belgium Environmental Science & Engineering
Belize Agriculture Leading Change
Bishkek Russian as a Second Language (Project GO)
Brazil Agriculture
Brazil Comparative Ruminant
Chile Hispanic Culture through Art & Literature
China Enviro. Resilience - OUC (SPRING)
China Principles of Electrical Engineering
CIFE European Semester
Costa Rica Architecture Landscape
Costa Rica Biomedical Science
Costa Rica Culture in Ag & Natural Resources
Costa Rica Ecology & Diversity Semester
Costa Rica Field Entomology in the Tropics
Costa Rica Health Systems
Danube Summer Institute
Egypt Ethics & Engineering (WINTER)
European Summer Academy
Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji Natural Resources
Germany Architecture
Germany Architecture (All Majors)
Germany Architecture & Visualization  (SPRING)
Germany Biosciences
Germany Electrical & Computer Engineering
Germany History of Medicine
Germany Language and Culture
Germany Psychology
Germany Sports Management
Germany Sustainable Communities
Greece Ethics & Engineering (WINTER)
Greece Leadership Theory
Hungary Ethics Engineering
India Industrial Engineering
Italy Architecture & Italy Visualization (SEMESTER)
Italy Communication
Italy Education
Italy Visualization in Rome
Mexico and Latino History
Namibia Photojournalism & International Development
Peru Urban Planning
South Africa Conservation Veterinary Medicine
Spain Architecture (SEMESTER)
Spain Barcelona Art & Architecture
Spain Barcelona City & Photography
Spain Engineering
Spain Language & Culture
Taiwan Marine Anatomy
UK & Ireland Computer Architecture
UK Construction Science (SUMMER & SPRING)
UK Forensic Entomology
UK Performance Studies
UK/Germany Global Supply Chain Management
University of Essex 3+1 Program

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College of Architecture
College of Education and Human Development
College of Engineering
College of Liberal Arts
Department of International Studies
Disability Services
Health Science Center
Mays Business School - Center for International Business Studies
Money Education
MSC LT Jordan Institute for International Awareness
Project GO
Public Policy Internship Program
Scholarships and Financial Aid
Student Health Services
University Libraries
AIB - Academy for International Education
AIFS Study Abroad
API- Academic Programs International
BCA Study Abroad
CEA Study Abroad
Diversity Abroad
Global Experiences
GVI - Global Vision International
ISA - International Studies Abroad / Veritas Christian Study Abroad
Kaya Responsible Travel
Kukulcan Educational Spanish Community
Sol Education Abroad
TEAN - The Education Abroad Network
SFS - The School for Field Studies
USAC - University Studies Abroad Consortium

To search for programs go to

To view the map layout for the 2018 fair, check out the Online Map (This is also viewable on your phone by typing in in your Internet browser). This will be updated after official invitations are sent out and table reservations are final.