The thought of funding an experience abroad makes some students dismiss the opportunity altogether, assuming that it will be too expensive for their financial situation. But that’s not always true! Did you know that you could spend an entire semester abroad for nearly the same cost (or less!) as spending a full semester on campus at Texas A&M?

Funding Facts

  • $1.5 million available annually in university scholarships for education abroad programs. 
  • In the last five years, 144 Texas A&M students were awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship of up to $5,000 for their education abroad program.
  • 17.98% of Texas A&M students utilize some form of waiver/exemption for studies which could potentially be applied toward an international experience. Eligibility will depend on benefit terms, degree plan requirements, and/or program billing structure.
  • 4.32% of Texas A&M students utilize state prepaid tuition plans facilitated by Student Business Services, and we have a process that extends these funds toward credit-bearing international experiences.

Price Comparison - Semester at Texas A&M vs. Semester Abroad

Check out the breakdown below to compare costs of these example programs abroad with a semester at TAMU:

Type of Expense

Semester at Texas A&M*

Semester in Costa Rica with USAC**

Semester Exchange Osaka, Japan**

Tuition & Fees

$6,372 $6,980 $6,372

Housing & Meals

5,700 2,110 3,400

Books & Supplies

611 155 1,400


1,249 300 465

Personal Expenses/Admin Fees/Other

1,782 $1,800 2,259


N/A 1,000 1,500


N/A 500 210


$15,714 $12,845 $15,606
*TAMU Costs are based on the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Estimation found here for Spring 2021.
**USAC & Osaka Costs are based on estimated prices provided by each respective organization for Spring 2021.

Affording Education Abroad – Attend a Live Presentation!

Have funding questions? Want to speak directly to staff from Education Abroad, Financial Aid, and Money Education? Attend our joint funding session and learn more about…
  • The Education Abroad financial aid process
  • Internal and external scholarship opportunities
  • Financial considerations for different program types
  • Money saving tips when traveling abroad

Understanding Program Costs

Don't let the perceived cost of an international experience prevent you from exploring the world while investing in your future. Participating in education abroad is an investment, and as with any investment, planning ahead is essential. The Education Abroad Team is here to help you identify a program that fits your personal, academic, and financial needs. Education Abroad will help you identify funding opportunities through scholarships and financial aid and provide guidance on payment deadlines to minimize your financial stress.


Education Abroad Fee Structure

Effective with Winter 2022-2023 programs and beyond

Education Abroad provides different levels of service. Upon committing to an international experience, a service fee is charged to either the student account or directly to the department/organization sponsoring the program abroad. This fee is non-refundable.



There are many scholarships available specifically for students planning an Education Abroad experience! The key is researching your options, applying early, and putting in the effort.


Financial Aid & Additional Funding

There may be additional funding options available to finance your international experience. It pays to explore and consider multiple sources. The information below will help you get started on the next step. For further guidance, contact Education Abroad and/or your program contact. 


Financial Aid

Financial aid refers to loans, scholarships, and grants that can be used towards education abroad program expenses. 

Learn More About Financial Aid


Veteran's Benefits

Veteran's benefits refer to college funding support for veterans and their dependents.

Learn More About Veteran's Benefits


Pre-Paid Tuition Plans

Pre-paid tuition plans refer to college saving plans, such as 529, Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan, and Texas Tuition Promise Fund.

Learn More About Pre-Paid Tuition Plans