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Additional Funding Options

There are many funding options available in addition to standard financial aid and scholarships for students to finance their education abroad experience. Please refer below to learn more about the different funding options available with details information and instructions regarding eligibility.

Texas A&M Sponsored Education Abroad Programs 

Students participating on a Texas A&M faculty-led program, exchange program, or independent travel experience for Texas A&M credit may request to use their pre-paid tuition plan by contacting Specialized Student Billing. For Texas A&M sponsored programs, Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) is applied toward the Texas A&M tuition and required fees incurred by enrolling in the program course(s) and is not applied toward the Education Abroad administrative fees and other travel expenses.


Affiliate Provider & Independent Travel Programs for Transfer Credit
For students participating in academic programs independently through a U.S. university, an accredited international institution, or a third-party program provider for transfer credits, TGTP can be applied toward a portion of the program cost based on the students’ course load abroad (enrollment in the SABR placeholder course). Note: TGTP does not cover the full program cost. Therefore, please expect to be responsible for paying the difference.

For transfer credit programs coordinated by Title IV eligible institutions, the TGTP main office can send payments directly to an approved institution. To initiate the direct payment process, please contact TGTP at 1-800-445-GRAD (4723), Option 2 and provide 60 days advance notice of your program’s final payment due date.

For transfer credit programs coordinated by third-party providers and non-Title IV eligible institutions, Education Abroad will facilitate third-party billing. To initiate the third-party billing process, students must complete the course pre-approval process for their respective experience and send a request to tcabroad@tamu.edu approximately 120 days (a semester) in advance of their program departure date.

As a part of the third-party billing process, students must pay the application fee and confirmation deposit owed to the program provider/ institution by its billing due dates. The remaining program fee is deferred and billed to the students’ Howdy account. The estimated TGTP disbursement amount available is determined based on the current fiscal state rate per credit hour and the students’ course load abroad. For questions about this process, please email tcabroad@tamu.edu.

ROTC Tuition and Fees Scholarships are available to students that are pursuing a military career. More information can be found through the Corps of Cadets.
Students are eligible to use short term loans if they have used their available aid. Most students that use short term loans need to purchase their airfare prior to their financial aid disbursing. Please refer to Scholarships and Financial Aid for more information and the application process for short term loans.
Eligible students are able to utilize their tuition waivers through the local vocational rehabilitation department: http://www.dars.state.tx.us/
Each year many students contribute to their own international experience through hard work and dedication. Part-time jobs, garage sales, bake sales, and other industrious and creative means are used to answer the financial question, "How am I going to pay for this?"