Understanding Program Costs

What are the common costs of an Education Abroad program?

When you pay for a program and how much it costs will depend on many factors including the location, length of time, and the type of program you choose. You should expect a range of costs in these categories:
  • Tuition/Fees for Courses Abroad
  • Housing In-country
  • Meals While Abroad
  • Excursions & Cultural Activities
  • International Health Insurance
  • Administrative/Application Fees
  • Travel Documents (Passport/Visa)
  • In-Country Transportation
  • Airfare
  • Textbooks & Supplies
  • Personal Spending (Souvenirs, Optional Excursions, etc.)


Structure of program fees – whom do I pay and what is the timeline?

The fee structure and payment deadlines depend on the type of the Education Abroad program you choose. Each PDF linked below provides an overview of the common expenses and typical payment timeline for most types of international experiences. Use these as an additional resource when researching a program type that works best for you.


Payment timeline – are there alternative options?

Each program will have a payment timeline, as well as a withdrawal and refund policy. Take time to review these, plan accordingly, and ask questions.
For eligible students, there might be alternative payment options available. A few examples include enrolling in installment plans, partial deferment of payment until financial aid disbursement, or book now and pay later (flexible pay airfare programs). If you are concerned about meeting the original program payment timeline, schedule a meeting with your program contact to discuss available options based on your financial situation.

Program fit - which program might maximize my goals, interests, and current funding sources?

Check out this chart that provides a side-by-side comparison of credit-bearing program types!
Program Comparison Chart