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Meet with an Advisor

If you have specific questions regarding a program that was canceled due to COVID-19, please see the Coronavirus information page on our website before contacting an advisor. 

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For simple, quick questions about Education Abroad, reach out to us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.):
          Email abroad@tamu.edu
          Call 979-845-0544

Make a virtual appointment

To speak more in-depth with an advisor about your Education Abroad options, schedule a time to meet virtually. Not sure who to meet with? Check out their profiles below and read about their interest areas.

Make an in-person appointment

By appointment only on a case-by-case basis (virtual appointments preferred). A face mask will be required. To schedule an appointment, please email abroad@tamu.edu
Amaris Vázquez Vargas Make an Appointment

I currently advise:

  • Faculty-led programs (any major/discipline) to Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Belgium, and Spain 
  • All architecture programs in Spain and Peru and USAR programs
  • Students exploring all abroad opportunities 
Office liaison for: Veteran’s Benefits, Hacienda Santa Clara (Mexico), Soltis Center (Costa Rica)
Where I’ve been: Caribbean, Cuba, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand 
Areas of interest: Diversity and inclusion, mental health, cultural exploration, and re-entry support 
Fun fact about me: I was born in Puerto Rico and raised across Puerto Rico, Saint Croix, and Curaçao.
Catie Martin Make an Appointment

I currently advise:

  • Faculty-led programs (any major/discipline) to Germany and South Africa 
  • Students exploring all abroad opportunities
Office liaison for: Programs with AIB (Germany)
Where I’ve been: Ireland, Norway, Thailand, Singapore, Bali 
Areas of interest: Teaching abroad and travel in Norway and Ireland 
Fun fact about me: After college, I taught English in Thailand for six months!
Drew Crawford Make an Appointment

I currently advise:

  • Affiliate provider programs (study, research, intern, volunteer) through Academic Programs International (API), Global Vision International (GVI), International Studies Abroad (ISA and ISA Veritas), Kukulcan, Kaya Responsible Travel, and University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) 
  • All Major Exchange programs in Latin America and Oceania (College/Department specific Exchanges see program brochure for your primary contact)
Office liaison for: LGBTQ+ Pride Center
Where I’ve been: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain
Areas of interest: Teaching abroad, Spanish language learning, LGBTQ+ students, and career and internship exploration 
Fun fact about me: I was bit by a monkey in Nicaragua and had to get a series of 5 injections to prevent rabies! Pro tip: don’t try to give a monkey a bath.
Erin Kibler Make an Appointment

I currently advise:

  • Faculty-led programs (any major/discipline) 
  • All faculty-led programs in Japan
  • Students exploring all abroad opportunities 
Office liaison for: First-generation students, Project Go programs
Where I’ve been: Asia, Central America, and Europe
Areas of interest: First-generation students, cultural exploration, and financing education abroad 
Fun fact about me: I am a first-generation graduate of Texas A&M. Whoop! I studied abroad three times during my college career.
Jessica Meado Make an Appointment

I currently advise:

  • Affiliate Provider programs (study, research, intern, volunteer) through AIFS, CEA, Global Experiences (GE), School for Field Studies (SFS), SRAS, CIS Abroad, and The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) 
  • All Major Exchange programs in Europe (College/Department specific Exchanges see program brochure for your primary contact)
  • Independent Travel (transfer credit) 
Where I’ve been: Austria, Belize, Belgium, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom 
Areas of interest: Career and internship exploration, cultural exploration, university exchange programs, mental health, and re-entry support 
Fun fact about me: I participated in an Archaeological dig in Greece as an undergraduate. I also have experience working onsite at a provider’s center in the Czech Republic.
Remy Ball Make an Appointment

I currently advise:

  • Faculty-led (any major/discipline) 
  • Students exploring all abroad opportunities
Where I’ve been: Thirty countries across four continents (North America, Asia, Europe, Africa). Some of those countries include Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Netherlands, Croatia, Russia, Czech Republic, and Ireland. 
Areas of interest: Ireland, mental health, LGBTQ+ students, international internships, and Semester at Sea programs 
Fun fact about me: I am originally from the East Coast and traveled to 13 countries in 2019.