Proposing a Faculty-led Program

Developing a faculty-led program, short term (2 to 10 weeks) or semester-long, is a lengthy process that involves early discussions as well as timely completion of a detailed proposal form. The general recommendation is to work with the department on the academic content, as well as with your college liaison and Education Abroad regarding the requirements and access to resources, such as education providers that can deliver logistical support in the foreign location.

A course offered as part of a faculty-led program should be taught almost entirely overseas, with at least 50% of the contact hours occurring while abroad. This will be verified and submitted to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) for approval of the foreign location.

The proposal submission is typically done 12 months ahead to allow state approvals, development, recruitment and student preparation for the program. Below are general steps to consider:

Preliminary Step: Thinking about creating a faculty-led program in a foreign location?

Faculty interested in creating a faculty-led program should contact their Education Abroad College liaison and/or Education Abroad to learn about resources and requirements. You may request a list of vetted providers for the location you have in mind, as your proposal will request the name of the partner or provider you will work with. EA staff to contact are: Pascale Parker, Senior Associate Director

Step 1: Academic Review and Support

Faculty-led programs offer TAMU courses and potentially other academic components. Faculty should meet with the appropriate academic department head to review the courses they wish to offer.

Faculty-led courses need to show in their syllabi that more than 50% of the contact hours will be taught abroad. Contact hours are lectures, activities, and visits that directly relate to the course content. Meal, transportation time, or cultural visits may not be counted as contact hours. The typical ratio includes 1 credit hour per week with 15 contact hours.

Step 2: Creating and Submitting a Proposal

Education abroad college contacts and Education Abroad staff can guide faculty in the course proposal process. 

Proposal Deadlines - due to your Education Abroad College Liaison

  • FEBRUARY 1 for following Spring and Winter sessions
  • MAY 1 for Summer, including May and August programs
  • OCTOBER 1 for Fall

Resources & Documents:

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Step 3: Once a Proposal is Approved 

Your Education Abroad College liaison will submit the proposal to the associate or assistant dean of international programs. Once approved by your college, the proposal will be sent to Education Abroad for review and final approval. Faculty will receive an approval letter confirming that the program planning can proceed from the EA office.

An Education Abroad advisor will be assigned to work with faculty to provide assistance throughout the many phases of development, implementation, and post-program activities as well as in emergency and crisis situations abroad.

Coordination Timeline


Education Abroad offers two service levels for faculty-led programs: Standard service, which is fully supported by Education Abroad; Limited service, which is supported more by the faculty’s home department and/or college. Each service level comes with a different fee charged to the students. Please see the Service Levels Matrix as a summary of how the office can support you, depending on your department and business office needs and choice. 

Refer to the following timelines for more information and steps on how to prepare for a program. Keep in touch with your college education abroad liaison for specific details throughout the development process.

Resources & Documents