Proposing an International Non-Academic Group Program

Non-Academic Group programs are coordinated by Texas A&M student groups/organizations, units, departments, colleges or other Texas A&M entities that do not offer academic credit. Instead, these offer experiences of cultural enrichment, internship, research, or volunteer opportunities.

Texas A&M entities interested in coordinating one of these types of programs should register the experience with Education Abroad in accordance with Standard Administrative Procedure 21.01.03.M0.02.

The primary staff contact, or program leader assigned by the department or entity, in collaboration with the Education Abroad advisor, will coordinate arrangements for the group. Education Abroad primarily provides health and safety resources, risk management and emergency information, and support for these programs.


Non-Academic Group Program Proposal and Registration Process

The Texas A&M department administrator/coordinator will submit a proposal application to Education Abroad.  
  • Student Organizations must be a registered student organization with Student Activities to qualify as a Student Group Program 
  • All other organizations or non-academic entities not registered with Student Activities need to complete the Non-Academic Group Proposal 

Step 1: Support and Approval

If wishing to create such a program, please meet with the appropriate administrator within your entity to discuss your program and obtain approval. Departments/colleges may have an internal deadline and additional documents required. 

**Student Organizations have additional steps they need to complete to receive approval from Education Abroad to propose an international trip. First, please review the Student Group FAQs. First, please review the Student Group FAQs and the checklist for student group leaders.

Note that with the implementation of new requirements and processes, we encourage department staff to contact Education Abroad in advance to discuss the steps, resources, and protocols in place.  Education Abroad can provide a list of program providers to deliver logistical support in the foreign location by contacting  

Step 2

Once you have developed your program and worked on a budget with your business office, program leaders/coordinators need to complete the proposal form. The more details and information you can include when you submit the proposal, the easier the process will be. 

Step 3

If your entity will pay for all program expenses or students will pay the provider directly, you may skip this step.

However, if the department will collect funds from the students to pay for the program expenses, pre-authorization must be requested and obtained first through the Provost office. This process is facilitated by Education Abroad and must be done before the proposal submission deadlines listed below. Please contact our office as soon as possible to begin this step. 
Time Abroad Form Submission Deadline
Winter Break/Spring/Spring Break October 1st
May/Summer/August/Fall Priority Deadline - February 1st
Late Deadline - April 1st**
***Proposals for programs with the department collecting funds WILL NOT be accepted after February 1st as this aligns with the Provost Office deadlines for this process.   

Step 4 Approval & Registration

Upon receipt of the Non-Academic Group Program proposal, a designated Education Abroad advisor will contact and work with the program/coordinator with next steps, including opening the program application in the Education Abroad Portal.

The Education Abroad advisor will work with the program leader/coordinator and student participants to complete training and preparation.  

Program leaders traveling with the group will be required to attend a Trip Leader briefing prior to departure 

Budgeting and Financial Considerations


As Texas A&M administrators and departments work with their assigned business office to budget, make payments, and charge student fees (if applicable), please ensure that the following costs are included in the budget:

  • Education Abroad service fee per student participant: This fee includes international health insurance and is determined by the level of services provided to the specific program. Please reference our fee structure for details.