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Education Abroad encourages all students to participate in transformational, international experiences. We also welcome students to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss questions and concerns about identity and diversity abroad, as the socio-cultural context of the host country could differ from the United States.

Have questions about a specific country?

Diversity Abroad offers Country Climate Notes for several popular international destinations.



As you explore your study abroad options, consider aspects of your identity. Taking the time to learn about social and cultural norms, customs, laws, and local practices also will help you navigate how aspects of your identity may be perceived and treated in your host country. Check out these resources and tips based on some common identities. 


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Students with Disabilities

Accommodations and resources may vary from country to country. Do your research and prepare before you go.


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First Generation Students

As a first-generation college student, making the decision to study abroad can be intimidating - especially if no one that you know has done it.

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Gender Considerations

In some countries, traditional gender roles may inform how people are expected to act, dress, and interact with others. Some mainstream behaviors in the U.S. may be misinterpreted in other countries.

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LGBTQ+ Students

Legal rights and cultural attitudes towards the LGBTQIA+ community may differ between your host destination and the U.S.

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Racially & Ethnically Diverse Students

In some countries, racial and ethnic identities may play an important role in social interaction.

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Spirituality & Religion

Views on religious freedom may be different in your host destination than in the U.S.

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DACA & Undocumented Students

You can participate in transformational, cross-cultural experiences. Let us assist you in identifying available options

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Inclusive, interactive, and on-demand resources to support your success as part of your education abroad experience.

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Other General Resources

Education Abroad has gathered additional resources that apply across multiple diverse identity groups. 

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Learn more about how your identity can factor into your Education Abroad experience and hear from other campus offices about the resources and support they can provide in regards to your journey.