Students with Disabilities

Research the program country.

Ask questions to understand the program and cultural norms, and resources available in your host country (e.g., classroom accessibility, academic services, group meals, transportation, required and alternate excursions, housing options, and health care services).

Verify quarantine regulations.


Disclose your disability and medical condition.

Disclose your disability and medical condition to Education Abroad and Disability Services to initiate the process of securing reasonable accommodations. Early disclosure is strongly encouraged, as it may take 4 to 6 months to finalize arrangements.

Plan ahead.

Shipment of special supplies, quarantine of service animals, immunizations, travel documents, and other necessary preparations will take time to complete. Verify with your doctor if your prescription medication is legal in the host country and how to obtain enough supplies for the duration of your stay.

Be flexible.

Some countries do not have an equivalent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

  • Therefore, the availability of disability accommodations and program adjustments are determined based on the following information:
    • An assessment of the participant’s needs by an Access Coordinator in the Department of Disability Resources
    • Examination of the program itinerary with the education abroad advisor/trip leader and on-site staff
    • Exploration of available resources in the participant’s host countries. You can find more information about the request for accommodation process here.

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