Spirituality and Religion

Things to Consider

  • Research the dominant religion for the host country and the local attitudes for other religions. In some countries, religious liberty might be different from in the United States.
  • Reflect on your typical spiritual practices and determine:
    1. Which practices you accept foregoing based on the tolerance and/or lack of resources in the host country; and
    2. Which practices you wish to continue.
  • Explore available spiritual community resources and support networks in your host country (e.g., places to worship and so forth).
  • Verify whether or not it is safe to wear certain religious symbols or clothing, it is acceptable to debate opposing religious views, and there are etiquettes to observe in places of worship.
  • Verify the availability of foods to accommodate religious dietary needs.
  • Be open to learning something new and understanding the cultural norms of the host country even if you might not agree with them.

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