Aggie abroad runs half marathon in Denmark

Published on 4/27/2022 4:16:32 PM
After a month into her study abroad trip in Copenhagen, Denmark, Texas A&M student Elizabeth Weichel ran in the Copenhagen Half Marathon. Weichel’s program was based in Copenhagen, so the timing of the half marathon aligned with her time in the city.
It was so rewarding and was a great way to see the city,” Weichel said. “Running was physically challenging, but it felt so great. When I finished, I called my dad because we would always run together. A bucket list item is to touch every continent, and I would love to run a marathon in various places in the world.” 
Going abroad was always something Weichel planned to do, and she knew she wanted to go to a European country. She participated in a reciprocal exchange which coordinated with her major in electrical engineering. She noticed some fundamental differences when comparing her education in Denmark with her time at A&M, specifically how deadlines were set.  
The culture is totally different here,” Weichel said. “Instead of having assignments with grades like in the American education system, there are just final exams. There is a lot less homework. I [would] study more during the week, so I [could] travel on the weekends.” 
The education system gave her the freedom to travel when not in class. She traveled throughout Europe while abroad, with Barcelona and Rome being two of the cities. She notes that these differences have helped her learn more about herself and become more self-sufficient. 
I wouldn’t have been able to do this freshman year,” Weichel said. “Now I am able to not just survive, but thrive, in a foreign country. 
Weichel sees self-sufficiency as a process that comes in waves and attributes her growth to her time at A&M.  
“When I moved to college I had to learn to be away from family, but I still had a roommate and similar people around me,” Weichel said. “It kept life comfortable, but now it really is an independent situation where I have to be self-sufficient.”  
She sees studying abroad as a great opportunity, and emphasizes the importance of planning ahead when looking to participate.  
“Start early, to get to your country successfully it is important to stay on track and work out the logistics,” Weichel said. “If you’re on the fence just do it. You can do anything for a month, so you can do this.”