Information for Families

Education Abroad is here to help your student have an enriching international learning experience. Texas A&M currently ranks #1 among public institutions for the number of students abroad, and sent over 5,600 Aggies abroad in the 2017-2018 academic year. Source

The Texas economy is tied to the global market place – reports show that incorporating an international experience into students’ degree plan will give them a boost in their career aspirations, and help them become leaders in an increasing complex and diverse community. The following information has been designed to address common family and parental concerns. Join us in making studying abroad a more widespread Aggie tradition.

Getting an education is more than earning a degree. A well-balance education also includes knowledge and understanding of the world and learning how to become a contributing global citizen within the global community. To succeed in this global, interdependent world, it is critical that students gain an informed global perspective. Few programs can provide that perspective like a study abroad experience. Education Abroad offers students the opportunity to personally experience another culture rather than just read about or visit as a tourist. In addition, education abroad provides students with the opportunity to better understand, evaluate, and appreciate their own culture and values. Through education abroad, students can:
  • Increase their career prospects and job marketability
  • Develop leadership skills through interaction with a broad array of individuals
  • Enhance academic focus and research opportunities
  • Improve their foreign language proficiency
  • Increase their understanding of other people and cultures
  • Learn to navigate different environments
  • Gain independence and self-reliance
To learn more about the academic outcomes of education abroad, please refer to the following article located at

To learn more about studying abroad from a parent’s perspective please refer to A Parent Guide to Study Abroad located at The right column has the link to download the pdf for free.
Funding Your Program will help answer any questions you may have regarding how to pay and finance an international experience.
Education Abroad makes health and safety abroad the number one priority for all of our programs. We have put together various resources that we hope will minimize any threats to the safety of all students overseas. In addition to the information on our website, all Texas A&M University students are required to attend pre-departure orientations in which health and safety abroad are covered in more detail. Please ask your student about the information received during the orientation sessions.

Additionally, we maintain an emergency cell phone that you or your student can call should any emergency arise while the student is overseas. An Education Abroad staff member is on-call with the emergency cell phone 24/7 throughout the year and can be reached by calling +1 (979) 255-6103. You can also email

Learn more about Education Abroad's commitment to health, safety and wellness: