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International Insurance

Education Abroad strongly recommends that all students traveling overseas have international health insurance coverage.  Most domestic policies do not cover foreign medical care, overseas medical/security evacuation or repatriation of remains—items that can be extraordinarily expensive.  International health insurance will provide you with the necessary coverage should you need to visit a doctor or hospital while abroad.  Some hospitals require payment up-front.  You must then file a claim upon returning to the U.S. to receive reimbursement.  Refer to your program’s insurance policy for more details.  Check with your education abroad advisor to find out if your international insurance is provided in the program costs, or if you need to purchase it yourself. 

Cultural Insurance Services International

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) is medical insurance and emergency assistance providing coverage and reimbursement for subscribers.  Texas A&M students enroll in this coverage when participating on a Texas A&M sponsored program. Automatic enrollment in this coverage will depend on the specific program in which you are participating. Consult your education abroad advisor for more details.
Click here to view the Texas A&M CISI coverage plan. 
Provider Non Emergency Medical Benefits Emergency Medical Benefits
Cultural Insurance Services International

International Medical Insurance and Emergency Services
(Note: Covers pre-existing medical conditions.)
  • Doctor/Medical Center locator service online and via phone
  • Reimbursement for medical expenses overseas
  • Expenses as a result of travel delays
  • NO deductible
  • Doctor/Medical Center locator service online and via phone
  • Medical personnel available to provide assistance with medical evacuation, if needed.
  • Medical evacuation and other assistance provided and covered by CISI
  • NO deductible

Insurance Coverage When Participating on Non-Texas A&M Programs

If you are participating in a program that is not sponsored by Texas A&M University (e.g., through a third-party provider or an independent internship, research, volunteer, or conference experience) it is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient health and accident insurance for the duration of your time abroad.

Note: Some students employed through the Texas A&M system (i.e. GANT, GAR, GAT, some fellowships) are eligible for health insurance benefits. These employees are automatically covered for basic CISI emergency services abroad. All other graduate students need to purchase CISI insurance in order to have both medical coverage and emergency service coverage when abroad.

Research the travel provisions—especially Emergency Medical Evacuation (EME) and Repatriation of Remains (RR)—of your current international program insurance if applicable, and make sure you understand both the coverage and the procedures to follow if something should occur.  If your existing insurance does not cover EME or RR, or if you want supplemental coverage, you can enroll in Texas A&M’s discounted CISI plan by registering your travel in the Education Abroad Portal.