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Affiliate Provider Programs

There are a number of third-party providers that offer opportunities abroad for college students to pursue study, intern, volunteer, and research programs outside of their home institution. Programs offering coursework abroad allow students to receive transfer credit while programs for intern, volunteer, or research may offer the option to earn Texas A&M, transfer, or no credit.

Texas A&M has chosen to affiliate with the following third-party providers. Their program offerings can be found in the Education Abroad Portal. If you are unable to find a specific affiliated program, please email tcabroad@tamu.edu

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Students participating in non-affiliate programs (e.g., international programs through a non-affiliate provider, U.S. institution, or direct enrollment with an accredited international institution) must complete the Independent Travel Registration.  This also facilitates pre-approval of any transfer credit courses being taken abroad.

In completing the required pre-departure steps with Education Abroad, students can ensure access to various Texas A&M resources such as financial aid, scholarships, international health insurance, emergency assistance while abroad, and continuous enrollment status with the university while abroad. 

Affiliate Providers:
  • Coordinate international experiences for U.S. university students and charges a program fee inclusive of tuition and most on-site costs
  • Ideal for students who would like the majority of the program logistics planned with some flexibility (e.g., housing options and/or add-on features)
U.S. universities or colleges
  • Ideal for students who would like the majority of the program logistics planned as well. Foreign institutions through direct enrollment
  • Ideal for students who are familiar with the host destination and would like to enroll in classes along with local students
  • Courses and destinations available that may not be offered through Texas A&M sponsored programs
  • Access to additional scholarship opportunities
  • Greater variety of course offerings and program duration (3 weeks or longer)
  • International transfer credit coursework is processed as pass/fail and not calculated into Texas A&M GPA
  • An opportunity to study with students from around the world and/or local students
  • Available add-on features might include internship/volunteer work, excursions, and flexible housing options

There are hundreds of affiliate provider programs listed in our database, which have been vetted for quality and transferability of course credits. Visit the Education Abroad Portal to search for programs.

Note: although our database is a good starting point, students are not limited to these options. If you need further assistance in identifying additional options, please e-mail the affiliate provider advising team at tcabroad@tamu.edu
  • Cumulative 2.0 GPR (as well as requirements of the sponsoring program provider or host institution)
  • Good academic and conduct standing
  • Destination adheres to Texas A&M University Student Travel Rules
  • Must verify with an academic advisor available transfer credit course options within degree plan
  • Must allot 2 – 3 months after the program for the transcript process. Students are encouraged to participate in a transfer credit program no later than the first semester of their final year
Affiliate provider programs require students to pre-approve coursework with Texas A&M in their Education Abroad Portal application, as well as apply directly with the sponsoring program provider or institution to participate. The next steps in the application process are as follows:
  1. Create an online application through the Education Abroad Portal:
    • If your program is listed in the search engine, you can search for the program, and then click “Apply Now.” If you are applying through one of our affiliate providers (see list above) and your program is missing from the portal, please contact our office at tcabroad@tamu.edu
    • If you are planning to direct enroll into another institution or apply through a provider not listed above, click here to access the Independent Travel Registration and choose the TAMU, Transfer or No credit option.
  2. Complete the Education Abroad Portal application, which includes turning in the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit (if you plan to receive transfer credit). Please reference the Video Overview to learn how to complete the form. This video is also embedded in your application. It may take 2-4 weeks to complete and route this form, which entails obtaining signatures of pre-approval from several academic departments and your college dean. Please do not search for this form online, as you must use the correct version assigned to your application. 
  3. Upon completion of your application, you will be prompted to "confirm" your participation in the program.
  4. Apply directly to the provider coordinating your experience or international university for direct enrollment to secure participation.

As an initial resource, students can review the list of previously approved courses from Affiliate Provider Programs. Watch this video for instructions on utilizing this Google Sheet. Please find additional tips in this document.  

Note: this list is for reference only and is intended to give students an idea of how courses taken on an Affiliate Provider Program will apply to their TAMU degree plan. All courses still need to be approved by  the appropriate parties as indicated on the Transfer Credit Course Pre-Approval Form. 


The Affiliate Provider Advising Team will announce details of the upcoming pre-departure orientation meeting by email approximately a month in advance.

  • Summer, fall, and academic year affiliate provider students must attend one pre-departure orientation held on the Reading Day in the prior spring semester. Please reference the Texas A&M Academic Calendar to identify the exact date in April or May.
  • Spring and winter break affiliate provider students must attend one pre-departure orientation held on the Reading Day in the prior fall term. Please reference the Texas A&M Academic Calendar to identify the exact date in December.