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Virtual Programs

There are a number of third-party providers offering virtual experiences in light of restricted travel.  These opportunities allow college students to pursue study, intern, volunteer, and research programs in an international setting from their home. Study programs provide transfer credit while programs for intern, volunteer, or research may offer the option to earn Texas A&M, transfer, or no credit.

Students participating in virtual programs must complete the Virtual Individual Registration.  This also facilitates pre-approval of any transfer credit courses being taken abroad.  In completing the required pre-departure steps with Education Abroad, students can ensure access to various Texas A&M resources such as financial aid, scholarships, and continuous enrollment status with the university while pursuing the virtual experience. 

The steps in the application process are:

  1. Create an online application for Virtual Individual Registration through the Education Abroad Portal.
  2. Complete the registration above, which includes turning in the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit (if you plan to receive transfer credit). Please reference the Video Overview to learn how to complete the form. This video is also embedded in your application. It may take 2-4 weeks to complete and route this form, which entails obtaining signatures of pre-approval from several academic departments and your college dean.  
  3. Upon completion of your application, you will be prompted to "confirm" your participation in the program.
  4. Apply directly to the provider coordinating your experience or international university for direct enrollment to secure participation.

The following affiliate providers are offering virtual experiences for summer 2020 and future terms.  Please click on their respective logos to be directed to virtual programs on their websites or visit our Summer 2020 Study and Summer 2020 Internship summary sheets.  If you are unable to find a specific program of interest, please email tcabroad@tamu.edu.  You can also sign up for our newsletter at http://tx.ag/EANewsletter.

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