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Field Trips 

Field Trips abroad are Texas A&M sponsored programs that are associated with a Texas A&M course taught on-campus.  The international trip is usually 1-2 weeks in length and comprises less than 50% of the course content.  There are also a few non-credit bearing field trips that may serve as a capstone or research project.  Field Trips are coordinated by a Texas A&M faculty or staff member.

  • Duration abroad is usually 1-2 weeks.
  • The brief exposure abroad has equipped students with confidence to pursue longer immersion programs during their academic career at Texas A&M.
  • Students engage in projects related to an academic outcome.
  • Students are able to utilize financial aid to offset program-related expenses for credit-bearing experiences.
Requirements are determined by the program leader(s) coordinating the trip.
Once the participant list is confirmed for a trip, eligible students are provided instructions by their program leader(s) on how to complete the registration process with Education Abroad. Students must complete the registration process prior to departure. Trip leaders can start the Field Trip registration process.
Academic Field Trips
Corinne Beverly

Non-Academic Field Trips & Groups
Jessica Meado