Resources & Policies

All students pursuing education abroad experiences and faculty/staff leading programs must adhere to the following travel guidelines and requirements. Please let us know if you have any questions about these regulations.

University Travel Rules

Transfer Credit Resources

Students taking courses on an Exchange, Affiliate Provider, Independent Travel for Transfer Credit, or Virtual program, will bring back transfer credit to Texas A&M. Transfer credit is processed as pass/fail and not calculated into Texas A&M GPA.

Part of the application process includes the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit. Students indicate the course(s) they intend to take while abroad and work with academic advisors to obtain approval on how, if at all, the course(s) would transfer to Texas A&M and fit a student’s degree plan.


For a summary of rules and restrictions to keep in mind when assisting students participating in international experiences, please visit our dedicated page on guidelines by clicking the button below.