Outlined below is a summary of rules and restrictions to keep in mind when assisting students participating in international experiences. Note: departments and colleges might have additional rules. If in doubt, please consult your education abroad college liaison or the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

All education abroad participants

  • Degree-seeking students at Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Galveston, and the Texas A&M Higher Education Center at McAllen must register their international experience with Texas A&M Education Abroad for risk management purposes and to facilitate the course pre-approval process.
  • To receive transfer credit from other institutions, whether domestic or international, the institution issuing the program transcript must be accredited. In collaboration with the Office of Admissions, institutions granting program transcripts are vetted.
  • For provider programs, students must allot 2 – 3 months after the program for the transcript process. Therefore, participating in these experiences during the final semester to fulfill any remaining degree requirements is strongly discouraged.
  • For exchange programs, students are not permitted to participate in their final semester.
  • For internship, volunteer, and/or research experiences granting pre-arranged Texas A&M credit (e.g., 484, 485, 684, 685, etc.), students must work with their academic advisor to enroll in these courses for the same term of the experience abroad.

Undergraduate Students:

  • Upon Return:
    • Program transcripts guidelines (Office of Admissions)
      • For foreign universities, the official transcript must come from the host institution's Registrar listing courses, contact hours/credits, and grades.  If the school does not issue the transcript in English, include an official translation from the program contact or a certified translation agency.
      • For the U.S. universities, an official transcript is required from that particular U.S. institution's approved catalog of courses, credits, and grades.
    • Graduation deadlines and clearance timeline

Graduate Students:

  • Program selection:
    • Discuss plans with chair of graduate committee.
    • Program courses must be applicable to degree plan to be eligible for transfer credit registration process with Education Abroad.
    • Graduate catalog: additional rules might apply based on department, college, and/or classification (master’s student or doctoral candidate)