Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit

How to Complete the Form

Please reference the video overview of the form embedded in the Education Abroad application to learn how to complete this item. When routing the form, which might take between two and four weeks to complete, follow the below order.  


Key Course Approver Contacts

Office of Admissions (if needed) 

First, check if the institution issuing your program transcript is on the list of previously approved foreign institutions

  • If the institution issuing the program transcript is on the list, the Admissions signature is not needed, and you can skip this step.  
  • If the institution is NOT listed (or is a U.S. institution), Admissions approval must be obtained. Send the pre-filled pre-approval form to to facilitate the approval on your behalf. 

Check with the sponsoring provider if it is not obvious what institution is issuing the program transcript. 

Subject Matter Expert Evaluation (if needed) 

Depending on your course selections, this approval is needed in the event of pursuing courses 1) for language credits, 2) to fulfill a core curriculum requirement, and/or 3) courses outside of your college.  

For evaluation of courses for language credits, points of contact follow: 
For evaluation of core curriculum courses and courses outside your college, consult your academic advisor to verify which departments to contact. The academic advisor for your major/minor will sign the form after the subject matter expert evaluations are complete.  

Academic Advisor Approval 

  • First start with your academic advisor for your major.
  • ​Depending on your major and the courses requested, you may need to also visit other departments for approval. 

AOC/GOC Dean's Offices: Texas A&M – College Station

(Below is the list of AOC/GOC Deans as of September 2022; points of contact and delegates are subject to change):

AOC/GOC Dean’s Office: Texas A&M – Galveston