Incoming Exchange Students: Please visit our Incoming Exchange Student page.

Exchanges are considered one of the most affordable ways to study abroad as students pay regular TAMU tuition and fees. These programs are also one of the most independent and immersive ways to study abroad, giving students the opportunity to live and learn with students from the host country, as well as with other international exchange students from across the globe. 

Available for semester and/or academic year study, with limited programs offered during the summer term, exchanges are ideal for independent and proactive students with a flexible mindset to adjust to different styles of teaching/learning and course expectations.

All Major Exchanges

Open to all TAMU and TAMUG students. Each program has a specific contact from Education Abroad for program specific questions. 

College/School/Departmental Exchanges

Only open to students from that specific college/school/department. Each program has its own coordinator within the respective college/school/department who should be contacted with program specific questions.

Application Process

Explore program options and thoroughly review the program brochure for program specific information before applying. It is especially important to look into courses offered at the host university for the desired term abroad.

  • Click Apply Now on the Apply Now! tab of the selected program brochure. 
  • Complete all pre-decision application items (includes attending an orientation)
    • Important information for All Major Exchanges:
      • Must meet with their specific Education Abroad advisor.
      • Completed applications are reviewed after the application deadline. 
    • Important Information for College/Departmental Exchanges:
      • Contact the individual specified on the program brochure with program related questions. Education Abroad will only be able to assist with general questions regarding our application. 
      • Some programs are reviewed on a rolling basis and others after the application deadline.


After your application is complete

If selected, students will be notified and asked to confirm their participation. New items will appear in the Education Abroad application to be completed. 

Education Abroad will provide a list of nominated students to the host university who will contact students regarding their registration process. Communication regarding items such as housing, visa information, course registration, orientation and arrival information, etc. will come from the host university.

Transfer Credit

Courses taken on Exchange programs will come back to Texas A&M as transfer credit. Transfer credit is processed as pass/fail and not calculated into Texas A&M GPA.


Part of the application process includes the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit. Students indicate the course(s) they intend to take while abroad and work with academic advisors to obtain approval on how, if at all, the course(s) would transfer to Texas A&M and fit a student’s degree plan.

Visit the Transfer Credit Resources page for detailed information on how to complete the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit. 

Previously Approved Courses

To get an idea of how courses from Exchange programs have transferred back to previous students’ degree plans, check out our list of previously approved transfer credit courses.

Note: The document is for reference only. It serves as a guide, not a guarantee that the same course will be approved the same way for each student. All courses still need to be approved by the appropriate parties as indicated on the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit.

Course Registration

Confirmed students will enroll in a specific placeholder course. Students will be charged their regular tuition and fees based on the amount of credits they enroll in the placeholder course. Being enrolled in the placeholder course indicates you are still a Texas A&M student who is abroad for that given term. It also allows the student to still have access to their financial aid and scholarships. 

Course registration must be open for the term the student is going abroad in order to register in the course. 

Transcript Process for Returned Students

It can take 1-4 months after a program ends for a transcript to be sent to, received, and fully processed by Texas A&M. 
The host university will mail program transcripts directly to Education Abroad. 
Texas A&M Education Abroad
1 st Floor Pavilion, Suite 112
TAMU 3262
College Station, TX 77843-3262
In light of COVID-19, and possible mailing delays, an e-transcript may be accepted. In this case, the host university should email the transcript to the Education Abroad Advisor for your program. Transcripts sent by the student will not be accepted. 
Education Abroad reviews transcripts before submitting them to Admissions to be added to your Texas A&M transcript.