National Student Exchange

Texas A&M has chosen to partner with the National Student Exchange (NSE) organization. The NSE allows students to spend a semester studying at another partnering university in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or Canada.

This is ideal for students looking to enrich their academic experience while gaining personal exploration and development. It is also a great opportunity for students who are not able to leave the U.S for various reasons and those considering graduate school at other universities. 

Benefits from participating in the NSE are taking courses not available at Texas A&M, studying with other professors and experts in your field, living in a different geographic and cultural setting, and making professional connections in a new job market. 

Application Process

Explore placement options by thoroughly reviewing participating universities by visiting Texas A&M students are only eligible to study at universities that utilize the Home Payment tuition and fees payment plan. Students should determine their top 5 universities as first choice placements are not guaranteed.

NSE requires a dual application process

Interested students will apply in the Education Abroad portal first. After completing application items, which includes meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor to discuss your list of interested universities, you will be given a link to apply in the NSE portal. 

Student placements are determined in March. Placements after March may be considered but may limit a student’s chances of getting into their top choices.

After your application is complete

If selected, students will be notified of their placement at one of their listed universities and asked to confirm their participation. New items will appear in the Education Abroad application to complete. 

Continue working on application items with NSE and work with the host university to complete next steps directly with them. Communication regarding items such as housing, course registration, orientation and arrival information, etc. will come from the host university.

Transfer Credit

Courses taken through the National Student Exchange will come back to Texas A&M as transfer credit. Transfer credit is processed as pass/fail and is not calculated into Texas A&M GPA.

Part of the application process includes the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit. Students indicate the courses they intend to take while away and work with academic advisors to obtain approval on how, if at all, the courses would transfer to Texas A&M and fit a student’s degree plan.

Visit the Transfer Credit Resources page for detailed information on how to complete the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit. 

Course Registration

Confirmed students will enroll in a specific placeholder course. Students will be charged their regular tuition and fees based on the amount of credits they enroll in the placeholder course. Being enrolled in the placeholder course indicates you are still a Texas A&M student who is studying away for that given term. It also allows the student to still have access to their financial aid and scholarships. 

Course registration must be open for the term the student is studying away in order to register in the course. 

Transcript Process for Returned Students

It can take 1-4 months after a program ends for a transcript to be sent to, received, and fully processed by Texas A&M. 

The host university will send program transcripts directly to Texas A&M Admissions. Most transcripts will be sent through approved electronic platforms but can also be mailed to:
Texas A&M Office of Admissions 
General Services Complex 
Suite 1601 
750 Agronomy Road 
College Station, TX 77843-0200