Steps to Go Abroad

1 : Academic Advising

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Whether or not your experience is credit-bearing, let your academic advisor know you are interested in pursuing an experience abroad. Your advisor will know what is open in your degree plan, if there are any restrictions on classes you cannot take while abroad, and may be able to discuss if there is a particular term that would be better for you to go abroad. Knowing this information will help you when looking at programs.

2 : Explore Options

Explore Options

Take a minute and think about what you envision your experience abroad looks like. As you begin to explore programs, you’ll want to consider how factors such as courses, finances, identity, program length, location, etc. help you narrow down opportunities. 

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3 : Fund Your Trip

Fund Your Trip

The earlier you know you want to go abroad, the sooner you can start saving and researching scholarships and other funding opportunities. If you currently receive financial aid, grants, scholarships, or loans, know these funds can often be used to help pay for your program. 

For more information, check out our funding page!

4 : Apply


After considering what you want your experience to look like and researching programs, meet with an Education Abroad Advisor if you have any questions or still need help finding a program. 

Once you have found a program, you are ready to apply in the Education Abroad portal! For more information on the application process, visit our overview found within each specific program subpage. You can find all subpages at Start Here

5 : Prepare


Before departing, complete application items, pay program fees, attend orientation sessions, obtain a passport and/or visa if necessary, and complete various other pre-departure checklist items. 

By the way, Education Abroad is a Passport Acceptance Facility, meaning you can apply for or renew your passport with us!

6 : Re-Entry


Upon your return, you will have access to post-trip resources and support. This includes a re-entry process that helps you re-acclimate to being home as well as tips on how you can leverage your experience when on the job hunt.