Whether it is in light of travel restrictions, having previous commitments that prevent you from traveling, financial concerns, etc, virtual opportunities are a great way for students to make global connections from the comforts of home. 

Although not limited to virtual programs offered by affiliate providers, know that the following affiliate providers are currently offering virtual experiences. 

AIFS study abroad logo AIFS Study Abroad API Abroad logo API Abroad
CEA Logo CEA Study Abroad CIS Abroad logo CIS Abroad
Global experiences logo Global Experiences ISA by World Strides logo International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Kaya Responsible Travel logo Kaya Responsible Travel SRAS Logo SRAS
The Education Abroad Network Logo The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) logo University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)


Application Process

Virtual programs have a dual application process. Students participating in a virtual program, whether through an affiliate provider or not, are required to complete the Education Abroad Virtual Individual Registration. Students will also apply directly to the provider coordinating the experience or international university for direct enrollment to secure participation. The registration will ask students to indicate if they are receiving TAMU, transfer, or no credit for their program.

  • TAMU Credit: it is the student's responsibility to discuss logistics with their Academic Advisor on what course to enroll in and what is expected to submit for a grade. 
  • Transfer Credit: Transfer credit is processed as pass/fail and not calculated into Texas A&M GPA. The application includes the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit where students indicate the course(s) they intend to take while abroad and work with advisors to obtain approval on how, if at all, the course(s) will transfer back to Texas A&M and fit a students degree plan. Visit the Transfer Credit Resources page for detailed information on how to complete the Pre-Approval Form for Transfer Credit.
  • No Credit: often for research, volunteer or internship programs.


After your application is complete

Once your application is complete. it will be reviewed by an education abroad advisor. If approved, you will be notified and asked to confirm your participation. Additionally, you will need to complete new pre-departure application items. 

Questions about this application? Contact

Course Registration

Students receiving TAMU credit will need to discuss logistics with their Academic Advisor on what course to enroll in and what is expected to submit for a grade.

Students receiving transfer credit will register in a SABR placeholder course. The course will not generate any Texas A&M tuition or fees. Only students with a Confirmed status through Education Abroad are granted access to the SABR placeholder course. 

Transcript Process for Returned Transfer Credit Students

It can take 1-4 months after a program ends for a transcript to be sent to, received, and fully processed by Texas A&M. 

The sponsoring provider or host institutions should send transcripts directly to Texas A&M Admissions.

Texas A&M Office of Admissions
General Services Complex
Suite 1601
750 Agronomy Road
College Station, TX 77843-0200

In light of COVID-19, and possible mailing delays, an e-transcript may be accepted. In this case, the affiliate provider will email the transcript to Education Abroad will then submit transcripts to Texas A&M Admissions on the students behalf. Transcripts sent by the student will not be accepted.