Education Abroad is proud to partner with Via for our new Education Abroad Portal.

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This page will house important information about what Via is and how to utilize it. Check back often for updated information. 

What is Via

Via is the new home for our Education Abroad Portal. We’ve chosen this platform to provide the best experience for our diverse student population. With the new portal, students will be able to engage with Education Abroad immediately upon admission into the university and start planning for their adventure abroad. 

Why the change?

The new portal is more intuitive and inclusive, focusing on the student traveler experience. It has an easy-to-use interface and allows users greater access to Education Abroad staff and resources. This system makes finding and applying for the perfect program much easier.  

How it works 



As soon as you're admitted and have claimed your NetID, you have access to our system!


Via will guide you through a set of questions that will help us better understand you as a person.


Via will match you to great programs, or you can dive right into our vast catalogue. 

Accessing Via


If staff log into the portal prior to being granted admin access, their account will default to a student-level account. EA staff are deleting these accounts. Please request training / admin access as appropriate for your position, see request below. 

Access to the new portal in Via will be dependent on how you are interacting with it.  During the initial roll out of Via in beginning of June, we will be focusing on the student / traveler experience and EA staff admin access. Below is a brief explanation of the different user populations and the plan to provide access.


Newly Admitted Students

Students who have been admitted to Texas A&M University will have access to Via after claiming their Net ID and completing all necessary processes to be able to log-in using CAS authentication.

Current Students

Current students simply need to log in to the portal using the "EA Portal Login" button on the menu above.

Previous Admins

If you previously had access to the old portal, you are not guaranteed access to Via. Individuals should confirm with their direct contact in Education Abroad if access as an administrator is still needed. All admins in Via will be required to have training by either Via or a staff member in Education Abroad prior to being granted access to the system. 

First round of training will be in June. Please coordinate with your liaisons to be included in the first round of training. Additional admin training can be requested utilizing the Training Request Form

Portal Experience

The old portal experience revolved around the applications you were submitting. It didn't allow us to connect until after you started an application. Our new Via portal allows us to take a holistic approach to advising and guiding students through the abroad experience as soon as they join the Aggie family. Let’s briefly explore how Via will allow us to do that. 

First Log-in Intake Questions

The new portal experience focuses on you, the traveler. When we launched the portal in June, we invited all Aggies to log in to the new portal and look at what we have to offer.  Part of the login experience is intake questions. Many of these are routine questions that will pre-fill from Howdy, but what we love are the questions that give you an opportunity to share::

  • What you have questions or concerns about
  • How you may want to pay for your experiences, including I'm not sure
  • Whether you receive scholarships or financial aid
  • Why you are interested in global opportunities
  • If you've ever left your home country before
  • Your passport status
  • How you feel about going on a program

This will allow us to better serve you at the front desk, over the phone, and during advising appointments. No matter who serves you, we will know you better and can tailor our conversation to you

Program Matching

Our new portal has robust program matching thanks to The Program Match Quiz feature that allows you to answer a few questions to help you find the best program. You have the option to share with us:

  • Types of programs you're interested in
  • How long you'd like to study and when
  • Where you'd like to go and if you want language immersion
  • Types of housing arrangments you're interested in, from host family to private or shared apprtments
  • Subjects you're interested in studying

You are also given the opportunity to rank the listed items above in order of importance for you. While the Program Match Quiz is not required, it is a great resource if you do not know where to start.

Searching for Programs

The old portal had a clunky, hard-to-use search system that made finding programs difficult if you were unfamiliar with what programs Education Abroad offers. Searches were not dynamically editable, meaning you would have to start over every time you wished to change your search parameters, and it was difficult and, in some cases, impossible to favorite or save programs for later. 

In the new EA portal, the experience is much smoother, and it starts with you in mind. Since we know who you are first, programs that match what you have shared are front and center. You can dynamically filter and update the list on the same screen without starting over, and with a real-time search bar, it is much easier to browse through programs. Find a program you like? You can favorite the program to revisit again later by clicking the heart icon located at the top of every brochure (not shown in example below). 

animated image showing program search as described in the paragraph above


Changes to Travel Registration

Our new portal now supports travel registrations independent of programs. This will allow us to track travelers abroad and ensure their safety. Since we have to re-think how we determine travel vs. program, we made a few tweaks. 

Travel Itineraries are not attached to programs 

In our old portal, the travel itinerary was attached directly to the program. We didn't have the ability to have robust details for accommodations, travel, and independent activities. In Via, we have a travel registration process to collect detailed information for travel. Upon log-in, simply select Register Travel as shown below.

Via traveler view showing the option to either explore programs or register for travel

After selecting Register Travel, travelers will be able to Create a New Plan and begin building their travel plan.

animated image showing the screen when the new travel plan button is clicked

Most travel plans will be associated to programs, so you the names should match. You will continue to submit an "application" prior to completing a travel plan. More detailed information will be provided by your program contacts after launch!

Independent Travel Programs Name Change

To make a clear distinction between travel registration and our “independent travel programs”, we have made some updates to our program names. 
Before After
Independent Travel - No Credit Independent Experience for No Credit
Before After
Independent Travel - Transfer Credit Independent Experience for Transfer Credit
Before After
Independent Travel - TAMU Credit Independent Experience for TAMU Credit

Independent experiences are programs for students participating in experiences not coordinated by an affiliate provider or Texas A&M office, department, or student organization. You can find more information about them here.  

Transition Timeline

There are a lot of moving parts in this transition, but we wanted to give you a general idea of what to expect in the coming months. 

May 6, 2022 - Fall / Academic Year 2022 Apps Close

Applications in our old portal will close, allowing us to start collecting information to transfer all Fall and Academic Year travelers into the new system. If you have already submitted your application in the old portal, no worries, we will continue to work on your application and get you ready for the experience of a lifetime. 

June 2022 - Via Soft Launch

During the month of June, we will open the doors to our new Education Abroad Portal! Log in, finish your matching quiz, create your profile, and explore! You will love the new look and how easy it is to find programs. Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 programs will also become available to get your apps in early! 

Summer 2022 - Via Video Showcase

We will be launching a campaign to show everyone the ins and outs of Via. See a transformative glow up of the portal, view guides on how to find programs, and follow our series of step-by-step guides to find your perfect experience.  

Summer 2022 - NSC Showcase

Our office will be participating in all NSCs over the summer. Make sure to stop by our sessions or our table to learn all about Education Abroad and to get a sneak peek at the new portal. 

August 2022 - Aggie Quest

Find our tables across campus and find your perfect match! EA staff will be so excited to show you the new portal and help you find the perfect program.